Our Motivation

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Between the months of...

May - Sept

We have the opportunity to magnify the impact of the PlayStreets program

Help us expand the power of PlayStreets by supporting us as we look to expand the PlayStreets program past the Summer months. 

PlayStreets has a proven track record of...

Increasing Civic Engagement

Bringing Communities Together

Creating a Ripple Affect of Action

The opportunities are endless with the communities we serve when we expand PlayStreets past the summer months! Join us on this journey as we explore how great the impact can & will be! 


Watch how communities build play: 

PlayStreets Chicago is a citywide initiative to encourage neighborhood organization and residents to temporarily close off residential streets and provide Chicago families with pop-up play space to come together, be safe and get active. These free PlayStreets events empower communities to come together and work to address barriers to active fun and healthy play for children and their communities.