Spin to Break the Cycle sponsors and participants take part in more than a memorable fitness event – they join together to make a difference:

 Daily the presence and pressures of violence, divide, and poverty impact the health and wellness of our communities and our youth. The perceptions of what is possible are impacted by current circumstances. The joy of today and hope for the future are constrained.

 This does not need to be our city’s story, we are one Chicago and together we can break the cycle and invest in the future of Chicago’s youth – creating stronger, safer, and healthier communities.

 Formed in 2007 as the living legacy of Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, World Sport Chicago has a deeply rooted understanding of the way sport and play can help meet these challenges head on.


 Proven tools for the physical, cognitive, and social development of youth.  

 A catalyst for bringing people together, creating understanding, and promoting Civic Engagement (leadership, community surveillance, volunteerism, empowerment and ownership for their future).

 At World Sport Chicago we see every child’s and every community’s potential and we have witnessed first-hand the way sport and play can help unlock that potential.

In stepping up to the bike you are helping ensure ALL of Chicago’s youth and ALL of Chicago’s communities have access to the power of sport and play. We are stronger together and together we can make a difference. 





PlayStreets Chicago is a citywide initiative to encourage neighborhood organization and residents to temporarily close off residential streets and provide Chicago families with pop-up play space to come together, be safe and get active. These free PlayStreets events empower communities to come together and work to address barriers to active fun and healthy play for children and their communities. 

In 2016, We supported 10 community-based organizations in creating 75 PlayStreets across 17 different communities. These events engaged a total combined attendance of 5,723 kids and 2,631 caretakers. Activities such as sack races and jump rope in Englewood, wiffle ball bats in Kenwood, and volleyball and soccer in Brighton Park and much more were taking place all summer. We can't wait to see what 2017 has in store!

Check out the video below to see how some of our communities build play!

For more information, check out our Website: