Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer for the 5th Annual Spin to Break the Cycle. It takes more than 100 volunteers to make Spin to Break the Cycle possible, please fill out the form if you are interested in helping! If you have any questions, email or call 312-861-4940.

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Check-In and Registration: Volunteers in this role welcome all event attendees when they arrive; direct people to the appropriate check-in area; and assist with checking in spin participants, Crew Pass Holders, Sponsors and Special Guests. Greeters, Reception and Rejuvenation: Volunteers in this role help people find their way throughout the event space; assist with staffing the Reception, Rejuvenation and Gift Bag Pick-Up areas; and help run the games Pre-Spin: Volunteers in this area help guide people through gear check;serve as the hospitality team in the pre-spin area - helping set the energy level and ensuring a great experience for all participants; hand out snacks; aid the photographers and sponsors; and help get everyone in place for the opening remarks and help lead people to the Ride Zone. Ride Zone: Volunteers in this area get the bikes ready between workout sessions (putting a new bottle of water on each bike, quickly sanitizing each bike, and putting a new towel at each bike); help welcome participants into the space; create an atmosphere of celebration; cheer on the spin participants during their workout.
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